Orthopaedic Surgery - Todd Pitts, M.D., Abilene, Texas
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Currently, Abilene Orthopaedic Institute is seeing patients and performing surgeries.  We ask if patients who have travelled recently or have symptoms (fever, cough, body aches) to see their family physician and call us to reschedule upcoming appointments.  All surgeries scheduled to be performed by Dr Pitts are on schedule.  If the operating room or hospital bed availability changes we will contact our patients immediately.

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Robotic Assisted Surgery on Southside of Abilene

Dr. Pitts offers a robotics-assisted knee surgery platform that adds an extra layer of pre-surgical planning and improved precision for partial and total knee replacement procedures.

Todd Pitts M.D.


Manage your knee pain through evidence based operative and non-operative orthopaedic treatments.
Anterior Hip Replacement


Pinpoint the source of your hip pain and create a treatment plan specific to you.



Shoulder conditions are common among all age groups. Find out what form of treatment can get you back to being active.
Orthopaedic surgeon Todd Pitts, M.D., Abilene, Texas

Why Choose a Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Todd Pitts, M.D. is board certified and fellowship trained in orthopaedic surgery specializing in primary and revision of hip, knee, and shoulder reconstructions.

After completing a 5-year general Orthopaedic surgery residency, Dr Pitts completed a one-year fellowship program. This program focused on hips, knees, shoulders surgeries as well as robotic assisted surgeries. This allowed him to receive advanced training in innovative techniques by experts in the field. In addition, he gained multifaceted experience ranging from simple primary surgeries to complex revisions. His surgical experience included adult reconstruction due to failed joint prosthetics, infections and unsuccessful initial surgeries by a previous surgeon. Fellowship training allows a surgeon to focus on specific procedures, and master the techniques necessary to maximize successful patient outcomes.

Todd Pitts, M.D.
Todd Pitts, M.D.