Anterior Hip Replacement - Todd Pitts, M.D., Abilene, Texas
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Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior Hip Replacement – Todd Pitts, M.D., Abilene, Texas

anterior hip replacement

Orthopaedic surgeon Todd Pitts, M.D., Abilene, Texas

Orthopaedic surgery residency in San Antonio gave me a vast exposure to the various conditions and treatment methods in orthopaedics. I studied and was taught by the leaders in orthopaedics, literally by the surgeons who write the textbooks that the majority of orthopaedic surgeons in the world use as standards of care.

The are many approaches a surgeon can take to replace a hip. The anterior hip approach has been gaining favor recently as some studies are showing faster initial recovery, less pain post operatively and potentially reduced risk of dislocation. The risks of this approach include fracture, dislocation and increased risk of implant malpositioning. Come in and discuss if the Anterior Hip Approach is what you need with your hip replacement.