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Patient Education

patient education



The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, making it vulnerable to injury and instability. An integral part of successful treatment is understanding every element of the treatment and recovery process. Learn more about the shoulder and what to expect form the different forms of treatment and what to expect from surgery when indicated.


The hip is a ball and socket joint that is highly stable, able to withstand enormous forces of pressure and trauma. Repetitive activities such as running, jumping or climbing can cause injury or degeneration if the joint and surrounding tissues. Hip pain can often be confused with back or knee pain that radiates to the hip. We can help you isolate the cause of your hip pain and formulate a treatment plan that finds your needs.


Anterior Hip Replacement
Todd Pitts M.D.


The most common cause for chronic knee pain is osteoarthritis. Due to injury or age related degeneration, cartilage within the knee begins to wear away, resulting in inflammation and pain. Often times, conservative treatments options may be useful in relieving stiffness and pain, however in the event these methods do not resolve the problem, partial or total knee surgery might be recommended.